Identify, classify, and score your trade secrets with software from the Trade Secret Office.

Trade Secret Examiner®

Trade Secret Examiner® is a full-function trade secret asset management tool, the first and only such tool available.

On the front end, Trade Secret Examiner® is a trade secret inventory system, collecting trade secret metadata from employees scattered throughout the company via a browser interface. The system collects metadata, constructing not a library of trade secrets, but a library card catalog of information about trade secrets. This keeps the system from being an additional security risk to your sensitive trade secret information.

Trade Secret Examiner

Employees use this browser interface to classify trade secrets on a <Subject>, <Format>, <Product> basis. This method is simple yet effective, and requires no employee training to use. Your employees already know what a Manufacturing Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies is, or what an Engineering Diagram for a New Lawnmower Engine is.

Employees also use the browser interface to score the trade secrets for the six factors of a trade secret from the First Restatement of Torts on a one-to-five scale. Once more, no employee training is required, because employees already are familiar with one-to-five scoring from school grades, movie reviews, and customer surveys.

This simple interface allows trade secret inventory collection directly from employees throughout the company, greatly reducing the legal staff time required to collect this information. The interface feeds the trade secret information into a sophisticated database developed specifically for trade secret asset management. Trade secrets can be ranked, reviewed, and located, and security analysis tools assist in identifying valuable trade secrets at risk of loss due to inadequate security measures.

On the back end, Trade Secret Examiner® is a litigation support tool, developed by a trade secret litigator and a computer forensic analyst. As no trade secret can be said to exist until it has been adjudicated, providing the proper tools for litigation is an essential element of trade secret asset management. Complete audit trails of information collection and changes over time, as well as court-accepted methods of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data are provided.

Automated trade secret asset management is here. Contact us to find out more about how Trade Secret Examiner® can make your trade secret asset management much more effective while reducing legal staff time spent on this essential activity.


  • Manages trade secret metadata, not the actual trade secret, leaving the actual trade secret in its current, secure locations.
  • Simple data entry screen permits general employees to enter trade secret metadata without specialized training or legal help.
  • One-to-five scoring of the six factors of a trade secret.
  • Classification using intuitive SFP (Subject, Format, Product) methodology.
  • Specialized database developed for trade secret asset management.
  • Two-stage system providing review of employee inputs, permitting acceptance, rejection, or editing of employee input data before adding trade secret metadata to the trade secret inventory.
  • Retains audit trail of all additions and changes, including username and date/timestamp of all additions and changes. No data is ever deleted.
  • Security analysis tools assist tailoring security measures to trade secret values, increasing security effectiveness while reducing costs.
  • Litigation support tools assist attorneys in preparing for trade secrets litigation, reducing attorney hours and costs.
  • Data integrity ensured through the use of court-accepted hashcode blockchaining.
  • Five user permission levels - Entry, Analyst, Reviewer, Legal, Administrator -- allow restricting users to data and actions appropriate to their job assignment.
  • Compatible with all state trade secret laws, the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016, and current international trade secret protections.
  • Robust and scalable platform using Microsoft Visual C# and SQL Server.
  • Available in standalone workstation, multi-user server, and cloud-based platforms.

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