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We Wrote the Book on Trade Secret Management

Trade Secret Asset Management 2023:
A Guide to Information Asset Management With RICO, Blockchain, and COVID

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Whether you are a mom-and-pop shop or an S&P 500 giant, your trade secrets are likely your company's most valuable property. TSAM 2023 is your comprehensive guide to properly protecting and effectively deploying these important assets.

TSAM 2023 is written in plain English, yet it is scrupulously correct on the legal issues as it walks you through the steps of identifying, cataloguing, and protecting your trade secrets. Cyber security isn't enough in this age of more and more elaborate electronic espionage. You need to know how to identify your most precious data possessions and build the legal framework around them that gives you legal recourse to theft by foreign agents, corporate competitors, or, worst of all, your own employees.

TSAM 2023 also contains in-depth discussions of the RICO provisions of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 and the use of blockchain technology in the protection of trade secret assets. New material discusses how COVID has increased the threat to trade secrets.

There is no more up-to-date, more comprehensive, or more accessible guide to protecting and deploying trade secrets than TSAM 2023.